• App with animation is a life saver

    Viborg based company Visikon has made “The Safe Delivery App”. It shows health personel in Africa how to cope with the most ordinary and life threathning complications during and after a birth.

  • Nominated for Cannes prize

    A team of students from The Animation Workshop in Viborg have made the film “Tsunami” which has now been seleceted to a prize at the filmfestival in Cannes.

  • Animation film from Viborg is Oscar nominated

    The animation film “Song of the Sea” is nominated in the category “Best Animated Feature Film”. The animation company Nørlum from Viborg has produced 40 per cent of the animation. The film is a co-production with amongst others Irish Cartoon Saloon.


Animation in Viborg municipality – the road towards better communication

In Viborg municipality, animation is not perceived as merely entertainment and children’s stories; we see it as a modern and democratic method of communication that gets citizens involved. In a complex knowledge society, animation is an effective tool capable of explaining complicated issues so that everybody understands them. The result is meaningful communication that speaks to the mind as well as to the heart.

Viborg is known for its thriving animation scene. The city is home to The Animation Workshop, one of the world’s premier animation colleges, and Arsenalet (The Arsenal), a creative cluster of animation businesses. This gives Viborg unique prerequisites and possibilities for developing and working with animation. Animation has been defined as a strategic initiative in Viborg municipality. The aim is to exploit the potential that using animation for communicating with the municipality’s citizens provides in terms of efficiency and quality.


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Animation strategy breathes new life into communication

The word “animation” comes from the Latin “animatio” which means giving life or spirit to something. And that is the very essence of the animation strategy in Viborg municipality: We see animation as a way of breathing new life into our communication with our citizens.

Animation is thus seen both as an efficient communication tool and as creative business with growth potential.

The aim of our animation strategy includes exploiting the great potential for efficiency and growth that animation provides; examples include citizen-oriented self-service solutions and new ways of communicating information from the municipality. Our strategic initiative in the field of animation contributes to retaining and developing the highly professional and international study environment in Viborg. Naturally, the good preconditions for animation also attract creative business to Viborg – Arsenalet is home to 35 animation businesses.

The animation strategy consists of five main areas:


Tuition and pedagogics

This area focuses on didactic design and production-oriented learning. The Centre for Animation Pedagogics (CAP) at the Animation Workshop has more than 20 years of experience with animation and didactics.


In the healthcare sector, animation is used for e.g. communication purposes. Research shows that animation can reduce patient anxiety.


This area focuses on how companies may use animation for various communication purposes.


In the culture area, ways of involving animation in connection with events, festivals and exhibitions, and as a part of urban space, are being investigated.

Public administration

This area focuses on how animation may be used in municipal administration to create improved communication and information for citizens.

A coordination committee consisting of project leaders from each of the five areas as well as professionals from the animation environment ensure ongoing progress and coordination between each individual effort and the overall strategy.

Viborg Animation Advisory Board


If you would like to know more about the major animation initiative and animation strategy in Viborg municipality, please contact Project Manager Henriette Svenstrup Jensen. Send an e-mail to henje@viborg.dk, or call +45 87 87 86 18.

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